Nothing says "Home" like  logs. What makes a house a home? For more and more people, the answer is a house built with logs. Log homes are cozy, secure, and inviting. Whether the style is traditional or contemporary, the timeless, natural beauty of logs always says "welcome home."

Like any other investment, planning to build your log home requires thoughtful consideration. You want to make an informed decision to get the best possible return on your commitment. In this case, a naturally beautiful, easily maintainable you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

We're Pierce Log  Homes Inc. and we'd like would like to help you in the decision making process. We've been helping people like you build lasting dreams since 1975. Here you'll learn why, for quality and longevity, Pierce logs are the only solid choice. When you build with us you get more than top quality logs. You get access to the expertise that's made Pierce Log Homes the name to trust. We can help with any aspect or the building process -- from selecting a log home designer or contractor to answering questions about log home construction and maintenance.

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about us

Pierce Log Homes has been a family-run business since it's creation, and we hope to make homes for m

Pierce Log Homes has been a family run business since it's creation, and we hope to make homes for many families for years to come.

This photo was taken of Maynard and Tim Pierce during there Christmas vacation in 1963 at Jicarilla Apache Reservation in New Mexico.



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Q.  What species of wood does Pierce Log Homes use and why?

A.  We primarily use Western Red Cedar for several reasons. From species to species, wood's resistance to decay varies significantly. In a study of decay resistance of various wood types by the Forest Products Laboratory of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, cedar rated highest in resistance to decay. Western Red Cedar also has a superior insulating value and is light weight which minimizes labor costs as well as being durable under even the most unfavorable conditions and beautiful with any finish. As far as we're concerned, Western Red Cedar has no negative qualities.

Q. Why kiln-dry?
A. The kiln-drying process removes 80% of moisture from every log and preshrinks the wood to guard against checking, shrinking and warping after milling and construction which allows for immediate application of protective exterior finishes.

Q. What maintenance is involved in owning a log home?
A. The exterior preservative products we recommend will typically last four to seven years depending on your home's exposure to natural elements. Your home's interior will be maintenance free once the finish of your choice is applied.

Q. How do your log homes cost compare with conventional construction?
A. Our logs come in many styles and sizes. With so much quality and lasting beauty in every log, you may be surprised at the cost. On a cost per square foot comparison with conventional construction materials, our logs can be cost comparative.

Q. What is your most popular tongue and groove profile?
A. Our most popular tongue and groove profile is the 6" x 8" D-style. It gives a big log profile while still being economical to build with.

Q. To what extent does Pierce Log Homes participate in the construction process?
A. We are primarily a manufacturer of milled house logs. However, we have general contractors we work closely with who can handle every aspect of any size project in almost any location.

Q. Can we build a log home ourselves?
A. Yes, you can. If you have the skills, tools and strength to build a conventional frame home, you can build a Pierce log home. We can provide on site assistance to get you started or help with questions along the way.

Q. How many homes have been done by Pierce Log Homes?
A. We've supplied logs for over 300 structures of all types including residential, rental and commercial.

Q. How far does Pierce Log Homes travel?
A. We have done projects as far away as South Korea. That being said, most of our homes are within 500 miles of Pelican Rapids.

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